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has just agreed to endorse Global Enablement

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Michael Corigliano

has just agreed to endorse White Label Hire


Global Enablement

has just agreed to endorse Mawson Global

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Nick Fairall

has just agreed to endorse Frankston Football Club


Endorse a product or service you have used and be rewarded

Promoting your business has never been easier.

The DitoMap System is unique

DitoMap is a Direct to Market platform. It connects those with great products with those who would be well suited to endorse those products. This endorsement driven marketing campaign delivers new prospects and new markets for these products and services to be accessed. For each new customer converted, both the organisation and the Endorser are rewarded.

Endorsers have the opportunity to be paid for their reach and their data whilst organisations only pay for converted sales. A more efficient marketing outcome where everyone is rewarded.

Make your data work harder with DitoMap

In today’s world, data is becoming more and more valuable. The online ecosystem that we’re all a part of holds great influence over the success of many organisations. It is the trading ground for new business where both data and endorsement are brokers for success.

For organisations, DitoMap offers a way to directly connect with customers on a deeper level, being able to track and monitor the success of your marketing in real time, only paying for successful conversion of new customers.

Size matters, but so does quality

First and foremost, value is based on quality. DitoMap connects those with great products or services to those with a well-suited target audience. Connecting organisations with an engaged audience allows anyone to be rewarded for their reach.

DitoMap uses Endorsers, customers or like-minded individuals to promote products using their own influence, providing a trusted voice to represent an organisation. Organisations select their Endorser profile to get the best possible outcomes from their campaign.

Direct To Market Platform

The best way to get more traffic and increase your influence is through a network of promoters, advocates or endorsers. DitoMap can help you target and penetrate these networks using efficient marketing techniques, rewarding both you and your advocates along the way.

We give promoters unique links to share the campaign.

Mesurement informs your future marketing campaign.

Social media is a great way to reach engaged audiences in your target market.

No need for manual tracking, admin or reconciliation.


We help you create a promotion that rewards those who share, promote and endorse your product or service.


Using DitoMap, it's easy and seamless to find and engage promoters in your network or target market. Promoters agree to a mutually rewarding campaign.


Once the promoter network shares the campaign, DitoMap records all traffic that comes from each promoter. We can tell you the success of each post.


After the campaign we settle reward or payment arrangements between the parties through DitoMap and provide insights on campaign performance.

Only pay for converted leads.

Now that makes sense.

Watch how it works